About Us

Welcome to the world of "Hey Mom It Fits!" where fashionable, well-made clothes are designed with your plus-size child in mind. Wouldn't you love to hear your child say "Hey Mom, It Fits!"


The Plus Size Clothing Nightmare

Do you have a plus-size child? Are you tired of going to the clothing racks only to find the size you are looking for is not available? Do you find it difficult to find fashionable clothing for your child?  Is the quality lacking in the clothes you find?  How does your child feel about the clothes you purchase for them?

If you have had any of the above-named challenges and you are tired of seeing the look of disappointment on the face of your child, see what options "Hey Mom It Fits" has to offer!  Clothing should be comfortable.  It should make your child feel relaxed, stylish, chic and attractive, but most importantly, your child should feel confident about the way they look.     

You can feel the frustration when shopping for your plus-sized child. Going from store to store and coming up empty-handed. Remember, clothing is supposed to make you feel good about yourself, but for our children it is a source of rejection. I will never forget the day when I found an article of clothing that fit my son perfectly.  He came out of the dressing room and said "Hey Mom, It Fits!"  Right then and there I said “Son you just named the business".

After working in the field of plus-sized women's fashion for several years, it was always painful to see parents come into a  plus-sized women's store to purchase clothing for their 9-12 year old children. In addition they would have to go elsewhere to have adjustments made to make the clothing fit. Most of these children ended up looking like little women instead of little girls.

At “HEY MOM IT FITS” our clothing is tailored to fit. No more grown-up looks or clothes that are too tight and uncomfortable! Our fabric are hand selected for quality, durability and comfort.

Thank you for visiting our website and my wishes are that you find the perfect clothing with a perfect fit for your plus-size child! You can now go shopping!

Ruth Smith

CEO and Founder, Hey Mom It Fits